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TRAVELERS – Health Warning – BE AWARE!

TRAVELERS – Health Warning – BE AWARE!  Forbes magazine reports that there are on average 2.3 million passengers per day that fly on US carriers. If you are among the many people who travel from airport to airport for work, business, or pleasure, there are several environmental obstacles that you should be aware of namely: germs, pollution, weather, food, and the other people around you. Everything that you eat, drink, breathe, and touch can lead you down the road to illness. Here’s a checklist that will bring your awareness to items and tips to keep you healthy.

TRAVELERS – Health Warning – BE AWARE!

Be aware of all kinds of Germs!!

Where can you find them? Everywhere! Bacteria that you can’t see are sitting on armrest and tray tables on planes, bathroom handles, drinking faucets, the armrest in the airport, escalator rails, elevator buttons, TV remote, doorknobs, air vents in hotels, in taxi cabs and shuttles. How about your bag that has been checked? These free non-discriminating germs are why tons of air travelers end up sick on their vacation or in an important business meeting. Think of all the items you touch and then touch your face. Think of your phone and your keyboard as a living thriving place of germs waiting to bring on the cold. I highly recommend hand sanitizer, surface wipes, antibacterial hand soap, or essential oil-infused lotion to travel with you and remember no more than 3 oz to get through security checkpoints.

Be aware that Pollution exists everywhere!!

Water molecules and air particles! Every tree and flower that you didn’t know was blooming can kick off allergies. Years as a flight attendant, I developed allergies of perfumes and colognes. I created an essential oil formula to help me with that reaction. Our bodies are adapted to our home living environment. If you have been traveling for years, then your body may have already adapted somewhat to the conditions of your destination.

If you are going to India, or even many places in America (California), be aware of their air pollution index. Smog is not a natural low laying cloud. Contact the American Lung Association for the State of Air report. Pollution can lead to asthma, lung cancer, and shortened lifespan according to the Business Insider. Additionally, they listed the top 25 U.S. polluted cities, and here are the top five: Fairbanks Alaska, Visalia-Porterville-Hanford CA, Bakersville CA, Los Angeles CA, and Fresno-Madera CA. The weather in certain cities that are in draught status will spark a higher pollution mark. To keep protected from environmental air pollutants when I travel, I carry an aromatherapy bottle of antibacterial and antiviral spray that I can simply spray on hands and inhale.

Be aware of Water You Drink!!

Your home water is not the same as another state or city. I suggest bottled water, preferably one that is PH balanced for the right support of your body because flying will leave you dehydrated. Drinking 8 oz of water for every hour in flight is a basic standard but please try to consume more, especially if you are consuming alcohol (which has a higher rate of absorption but that’s another blog). Your body is made up of 50-60% water to maintain that amount without going into dehydration, consume one ounce of water for one pound of weight. Bottled water will also protect you from receiving discomforting intestinal upset from those unseeing parasites. Be aware of ice that is made from local water supplies. Drink coffee, soda, or other bottled liquids. Use safe bottled water for washing hands, cleaning contact lenses, and brushing your teeth.

TRAVELERS – Health Warning – BE AWARE!

Be aware of the Weather!!

If you travel, you already know about sudden thunderstorms or blizzards that can delay flights and put a real kink in your vacation. Think about the destination weather and how you have packed and what you are currently wearing before you leave the house to the airport. The fashion police would have a heyday on this subject. Planes, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, and movie theatres have cold temperatures because it helps to fight germs. Dress in layers when visiting those places. Other cities may have unexpected rain showers so carry a small umbrella, rain poncho, and/or extra jacket or sweater.

Be aware of Foreign Food and Airport Food!!

This topic may be a shock to you, but another city’s restaurant makes their food from their water supply and kitchen areas that contain local germs that your body is not used too. Try to stay away from salads, and fresh fruit that may have not been washed or washed with polluted water. Medical Daily reports five foods to avoid when traveling: raw produce/salads, raw shellfish, and unpasteurized dairy. Be prepared when traveling that delays may occur. Double-check you have water. Take with you mixed nuts/trail mix, small tubes of yogurt, health bars or protein source, and rice cakes.

Be aware of Other People!!

Yes, millions of people enter the airport per day.  FAA gives every man a 200-pound bodyweight allowance and women 176 pounds. This number includes clothing and 16 pounds for carrying on. Some people don’t dress appropriately for airplane travel, don’t pack what they need for their children (food/clothing), don’t understand about delays (weather or mechanical), don’t realize how loud they talk when on a plane., and some people don’t know how to contain themselves in a relatively small seating area.

Helpful Hint–Small travel kit!!

As a flight attendant, I would carry a small zipper pouch with these items: cough drops, aspirins, Tylenol, Sudafed, Claritin, Imodium, tums, cold remedy, Band-Aids, chapstick, antibacterial cream, and Benadryl. Also, I added a small sewing kit, rubber bands, safety pins, a small pack of Kleenex, and writing pens. I would also have my handy surface wipes. Finally, I go everywhere with my travel trio of soap, lotion, and spray (2-ounce) pack of Immune 8. Essential oils are an easy way to boost your immune system and can help defend against virus and other germs, check out

To Your Health & Happiness!!

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